Being more approachable means that potential customers will be more likely to use your online ecommerce business

Make Your Online Ecommerce Business More Approachable ImageBeing approachable is important in customer based organisations and it should be considered vital to your online ecommerce business efforts too. Shop workers wear name badges in order that they are considered approachable by potential customers. By adding contact details and including some information about you on the pages of your site and following a few other simple tips you can improve approachability. By being more approachable you can enjoy greater conversions and more sales as well as improved word of mouth and a better reputation with your target market.

1 – First Impressions Really Do Count

Your site should be designed so that it comes across as being approachable. It’s not only your website that needs to give the right first impression either. When potential customers email you, you should ensure that you email back. Similarly, when a call comes into the office or other premises it should be answered not only courteously but quickly and professionally too.

2 – Add All Contact Details

Make sure you have a content page and also ensure that it contains all of your information. You should include a phone number, and if it is a Freephone number then even better. You should also consider adding your email address because there are a lot of potential customers who would rather email you than use contact forms. Live Chat can also prove highly effective while offering a physical address inspires confidence in your business.

3 – Be Transparent In Your Blog And Comments

Allow comments on your blog posts and consider leaving those that include some criticism. You should still monitor for spam and offensive content and you can, of course, remove unwarranted argumentative responses. However, sound criticism and debate are acceptable and by letting visitors leave these comments on your website you can give your online business a more approachable persona.

4 – Include Information About You In Your About You Page

The About page of a website can include much more than the typical stock content. As well as information on how long your business has been operating you should include information about you and other members of your team. Clients and customers that communicate with your business will appreciate the personal touch and they will enjoy getting to know the people that they deal with. They will have more trust in you and your organisation.

5 – Be Personable And Responsive

When people do communicate with you, it is vital that you respond. It may not be possible to respond to every single email you receive but you can certainly have a go. Taking too long to respond to those that email or contact you will alienate some of your visitors. You will be seen as being less approachable and you will lose face and reputation as a result. If you fail to respond at all then the problem will be even worse. Potential customers will not usually attempt to contact you a second time.

6 – Minimise Perceived Risk

Whether your website looks untrustworthy, or there are any elements that may give you the appearance of being untrustworthy you are likely to lose customers and sales as a result. Minimise elements and factors regarding your site that others would perceive as being a risk. Following the other tips can help minimise the risk that is perceived on your site and so too can the way that you deal with communications and customers.

7 – Be More Approachable

In order to be more approachable, you should make sure that you really are approachable. Remember that the more often a person approaches you to ask questions and communicate with you, the more likely they will become to make a purchase or perform another desired action on your site. If you do not come across as being approachable then chances are good that it is because you aren’t. If this is the case, then leave the communication and marketing to somebody else within your organisation.

Make Your Online Business More Approachable

There are many attributes necessary to create a successful online business. Consider the design of your website, the structure of your business, and even the marketing that you use. Determine who is best to deal with approachability to ensure that you can provide everything your visitors and your clients. Make sure you are approachable and so too is your online ecommerce business so that you can enjoy positive sales results.

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