Business blogging can give you exposure, improve your marketing, and help generate profits

The success of your business blogging will depend on many factors. Before you establish a blog on your site you should consider how often you will be able to post useful and beneficial content and whether you realistically have the time and the potential content to be able to meet a posting schedule.

Develop a content strategy, implement a posting schedule, get your team involved and then ensure that you stick to the plan for the best possible results.

Why Do You Want A Business Blog?

Before you establish a new blog you should consider the reason for starting regular posting. You can use the regular posting schedule to keep your site fresh, to improve search results, communicate with clients, and to become an authority figure within your industry.

By first determining your goals you can go some way to calculating who will regularly post, what type of content you will create, and how often you should post it.

When To Start A Blog

It isn’t necessary to post every day; in fact some website swill benefit more by having one or two posts a week. However, once you commit to a regular publishing schedule you should stick to that schedule. Only start your blog when you can commit the required time.

Business blogging can benefit almost any organisation as well as any website. As soon as you take your website online you should consider the need and the benefits of having your own space to publish content.

Your Blog Content Strategy

A content strategy covers all elements of your website from web page content to your business blog, social media updates, and anything else that you publish online.

One benefit of a content strategy, which is basically a blueprint for what you intend to publish and when, is that it gives you a structured process to follow. It allows you to determine what days and how often you will publish content and then it provides a reminder to ensure that you follow it.

Use Your Whole Team

Even committing to business blogging weekly or twice weekly does require a commitment and if you promise this frequency then your readers will come to expect it.

By utilising the members of your team, it is possible to post more frequently and more consistently. It also allows you to offer more viewpoints and alternative opinions which gives your readers even more reasons to subscribe to your blog.

Business Blogging Content Schedule ImageYour Posting Schedule

Some blogs can benefit from a loose posting schedule. Whenever a valuable and viable story appears, you can create a post. However, a posting schedule helps force you to think about regular posting and it ensures that you post on a regular basis.

Publishing your posting schedule may put extra pressure on you but by making this promise to your website visitors and subscribers, it should also ensure that you are more likely to meet your publishing schedule.

In an ideal world, a blog owner will publish genuinely useful posts whenever they crop up. In reality, though, this may mean several weeks without publication and then a concentration of posts around the space of a day or two. Committing to a weekly or twice-weekly schedule means that you can post relevant content while posting regularly too.

Content Types

The type of content that you post may well determine your ideal posting frequency. For example, posting company news means that a small business may only post every few months while industry news may require daily publication. Here is a far from exhaustive selection of the types of content that you can include on your business blog.

  • Industry news
  • Company news
  • Team news
  • Case studies
  • Guides and how to guides
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Contents and competitions

You can also add a selection of textual, audio, and visual based posts. Using a combination of these post types will help to ensure that subscribers have something unique to view, read, or listen to whenever they land on the pages of your site.

Alerts And Subscriptions

You can post guides and tips, questions, and articles. You can post company and industry news, details of product launches and team news from around your organisation. Set up Google Alerts, subscribe to industry blogs and consider the news that you, as an industry subscriber, are reading.

As well as your regular posts, you may want to leave some flexibility around your posting schedule so that you can commentate on major news, industry events, and other one-off stories.

Business Blogging Frequency

Business blogging can prove a highly advantageous addition to your online marketing and publishing. Knowing when to start your blog and how often to publish can prove critical to the success and the ongoing performance of a blog and the business associated with it.

Contact our professional content developers and marketers today to develop a business blogging strategy for your organisation.

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