These digital marketing tips help improve business performance and marketing results

Below, you can find a list of some of the most effective and beneficial digital marketing tips that are designed to help you determine where you can make improvements and also whether you should implement certain marketing strategies on your website.

Digital Marketing Tips – Visual Marketing

A picture is not only worth a thousand words but it is also easier to recall and demands a more emotional response from online readers. Therefore, embarking on a visual marketing campaign can help elevate your online business efforts.

1 – Infographics are everywhere and with a little effort they can be used as a simple and effective way to convey a complex and even boring message. Make them interesting and fun, fact filled and informational for the best results.
2 – Master stop motion video and get on Twitter’s Vine app. Vine allows you to post 6 second clips and while this can be used to show slides or even a short commercial type production, Stop Motion Video is proving very popular as a media format. It is cheap, visually effective, and relatively simple to learn.
3 – Be direct and get straight to the point. Many web surfers have a veracious appetite for these types of media but they also have a limited attention span. Get straight to the point of the visual and deliver it powerfully.

Digital Marketing Tips – Social Marketing

Social marketing remains one of the most popular and rapidly expanding areas of marketing. Social media is considered personal and visitors can be highly targeted to the message that you are trying to marketing to them.

1 – The competition isn’t always right. A lot of new social marketers make the mistake of mirroring what their competitors are doing but, in reality, even the big brands get some of their advertising campaigns wrong. Go your own way, do your own thing, and make your own mark.
2 – Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Sure, there are probably thousands of social networks out there but that doesn’t mean that you should try to establish a profile on them all. You will almost certainly fail to make an impact on any one site if you attempt to master them all.
3 – Have a voice. Social media users connect to those brands and organisations that peak their interest the most. This means that they are unlikely to connect with multiple brands pushing the same message and using the same corporate voice. Be yourself and be imaginative.

Digital Marketing Tips – Mobile Marketing

Mobile Digital Marketing Services ImageMobile devices are no longer limited to mobile phones and smartphones. Tablet PCs, media streaming devices, and even the modern car are all mobile and becoming better connected. However, only a small number of businesses really get mobile marketing.

1 – At the very least make sure that you have a responsive website design. Such a website will detect what type of device a visitor is using to access your website and then alter the design and layout to best suit that device.
2 – Only create an app if you’re sure there’s a need for it. App development can be effective but it can also be costly. A single app will usually only work on a range of devices so be sure that it will be in demand and that it can convert before creating it.
3 – Smartphones are only a portion of the mobile market. Consider users that are accessing your mobile site using tablet PCs, netbooks, media players, and other mobile devices when having your site designed for you.

Digital Marketing Tips – Local Marketing

It isn’t just small local businesses and service providers that can benefit from having a strong online local presence. Many people prefer to deal with local organisations so these local marketing tips could help give your business increased exposure and profits.

1 – Get your customers to review your business, your establishment, and even you. You shouldn’t openly demand a review and you shouldn’t create fake ones either but you can suggest that your clients leave a review on one of the major review index sites.
2 – Get Googling. Facebook and Twitter may be among the first names we consider when it comes to marketing and social but Google has the benefit of offering a suite of useful features. Integrate a Google+ page and a Google Local page to help you dominate the local results.
3 – Develop a local online community around your site. When posting to other blogs, look for those with a predominantly UK market. Don’t completely disregard US sites but consider placing greater onus on those with a domain.

Digital Marketing Tips – Content Marketing

The most recent major Google updates, Penguin and Panda, have further led website owners into the realms of having to provide high quality and consistent web content. Marketing your content can improve your business on many different levels.

1 – Set up a blog. It may sound obvious but only if you already have a blog or are acutely aware that you need one. There is no greater, easier, or more convenient way to post textual, image, audio, or video content on your website but you would be surprised at the number of businesses that do not have an online blog.
2 – Vary the range of content that you offer. Provide guides and informational content, offer news and editorial pieces on the industry in which you operate, and provide details on product or service launches within your own organisation.
3 – Keep going. Don’t give up because you’re not getting the results you want and don’t stop because you are getting the desired results. Like all digital marketing you should continue with what works well in order to continue reaping the rewards.

These are just a few digital marketing tips that can help you to progress your business and improve your website results.

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