Are you losing business because your visitors can’t see the wood for the trees?

I have worked with businesses who have estimated they have lost millions in revenue because of unfair negative links on their brand search phrases.

Recently I began work for a major corporate who had some reputation issues. None were grounded in fact (as if often the case) and they needed rapid-fire handlings to get the SERPs (search engine results page) for their brand  100% positive from page 1 through page 3.

I am amazed at the speed of Google’s re-crawls of late.

In just 72 hours we had removed the majority of negative links in the top 30 results. 24 hours later they were all gone. By providing a high volume of quality, up to date and relevant content and promoting it heavily on content sites and social media Google quite correctly re-crawled to show the positive links ahead of any legacy disgruntlement from years gone by.

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