Measure performance and track analytics to ensure that your Pay Per Click campaigns are profitable.

In order for Pay Per Click campaigns to be considered effective it not only has to drive visitors to the pages of your website but it also needs to do so without costing more than those visitors make. Measuring your return on investment will help to ensure that your pay per click campaigns remain beneficial.

You should track as much data as possible about all of the different elements of each campaign. As well as the information that is provided with your account you should track your website data, purchase data, and virtually any other data you can get hold of.

Pay Per Click Campaigns IPlan Ahead

Before you even start crafting compelling ad copy you should formulate a strategic plan that will forge your advertising direction. Determine what you will use to measure success and the methods that you can use in order to effectively complete these measurements.

Also plan your individual campaigns. Consider your goal on each page and with each ad. In some instances you will want to drive purchases while in other cases you may want to generate signups for newsletters or subscribers for your blog. By planning early you can ensure that you enjoy the level of success you want over the life of your campaigns.

Create A Compelling Ad

The quality of your ad copy will determine exactly how effectively it works for you. Consider all of the elements of the ad including the title, the ad copy, and the link. Use positive and negative keywords or leave spaces for those keywords.

If you do not have the expertise required in order to create attractive and appealing ad copy then outsource this work to a person or agency that does have the appropriate expertise. Otherwise, your PPC campaign could cost you more than it makes.

Monitor Results

You will not be able to determine profit levels if you do not monitor results on your website and your ad campaigns. Be sure that you understand PPC reporting and how to access the information you want to include in your metrics.

You should also ensure that you have effective analytics software installed on your site. Your analytics software will provide the majority of the data and information that you require when making calculations and looking for ways to improve on your results.

Track Macro Trends

Don’t simply look at your overall figures and assume that you will be able to highlight any problems. Instead, break your campaigns down and search for more accurate information. Consider everything from the days that specific ads might perform better and even the time of day when they enjoy the best available results.

Good PPC programmes will show you this level of detail and you will also be able to find analytics packages and other methods of measuring this information so that you can find macro trends and then use these to your advantage.

Look For Ways To Improve Quality Score

Your quality score is vital in determining exactly how much you have to pay per click and by reducing your actual click price you can help ensure that you run as profitable a PPC marketing campaign as possible.

Quality score is affected in a number of ways and you can control some of these yourself. Remove and group together those ads that have a low quality score, improve page load times, test new ads to improve and increase your Click Through Rate, try dynamic keyword insertion, and make minor changes so that you can track the results and employ any improvements across the board.

Optimise Landing Pages

No matter how many clicks your ads are receiving, if they are not converting to paying customers when they arrive on your website then you won’t be making a profit for you. Ensure that landing pages are well optimised and that every page is set up to convert.

Consider the awareness ladder and how well targeted your ad copy is compared to your content. You should determine the awareness level of your visitors before providing them with suitable content on the pages that they ultimately visit.

Ensure Targeted Content

Content needs to be targeted and this means that it should be targeted to your visitors and your goals. Don’t direct potential leads to supporting pages like your About page; concentrate your efforts on pages like product and service pages and other high quality and effective landing pages. This is the only way that you can ensure you enjoy the best results from your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Contact us today to discuss your online marketing needs. We can help ensure that you enjoy profitability from your Pay Per Click ad campaigns and include PPC in a valid and beneficial online marketing mix.

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