Prospect marketing enables you to walk a prospect through the sales process.

There are numerous types of prospect that you will find on your website. You can use sales funnel marketing or prospect marketing to help identify whereabouts they are within the buying process as this will help you to implement good web design and marketing tactics to convert prospects to sales. Effectively this means identifying how far through the purchase process they are and then guiding them to the next stage.

By treating your prospects in this way it is possible to enjoy good conversion rates so that all of your efforts are rewarded. You will experience a higher Return On Investment than blindly attempting to convert all prospects using the same process too.

Stages Of Awareness

Prospect Marketing And The Sales Funnel ImageDifferent readers on your website will have varying degrees of awareness. Each different stage of awareness will need to be handled differently. Those that are completely unaware will usually have landed on your website from generic content while highly aware prospects will have often worked through the various stages on your website.

Once you have identified the awareness level of your prospect you will then need to provide relevant content and direct the prospect to the next appropriate stage. By taking a prospect and walking them through the stages of awareness you greatly increase the likelihood of their making a purchase from your website.

Completely Unaware

Completely unaware prospects are those that have read your Tweets or seen a post you have published on another website. They enjoyed reading your content and are interested enough to click through. Generally, your article or other off-page content will include a link to relevant pages on your website so that you can make the prospect aware of what you offer and why they might need it.

Completely unaware prospects require the greatest amount of work and a lot of nurturing. By ensuring you post topical and relevant marketing content on other sites you can, at least, ensure that these prospects are interested in the topic area that you cover. Your business will have a lot more completely unaware prospects than those at any stage of the process.

Problem Aware

These consumers know that they have a problem but they don’t yet the know the solution or that you are the best choice to offer that solution. They will usually be found on your website and may have arrived on a particular page from search engine results.

These prospects will usually need to be shown the value of your business and how it helps to counteract the particular problem that they have. They should be directed to informational pages that highlight the value of the solution.

Solution Aware

This group of prospects know they have a problem and they know that a solution does exist. They will have had some interaction with your website and may even subscribe to your blog. However, they do not know that your solution is the best solution for them and it is your job to provide that knowledge.

This group should usually be directed to highly informative content that extols the virtues of your solution. You still need to build rapport and this means showing a lot of content while limiting the offers that you show. Direct to white papers and reports, testimonials, and your newsletter subscription.

Product Aware

Product aware prospects are know what you offer and that they have a problem that needs addressing. However, they are usually stuck somewhere else in the process and this means that your content may not have fully converted them to your way of thinking. Providing more information runs the risk of information overload.

Consider auto-responders and last minute calls to action to compel these prospects to make the move and purchase from you.

Fully Aware

Fully aware prospects are as close to purchasing as possible, without actually having made the purchase. These prospects require little in the way of information or additional content and require one effective push.

Ensure that pages displayed to highly aware prospects have a powerful Call To Action. Consider last minute offers to entice them to make that final step and part with their money.

Persuading Prospects

By determining what type of prospect you are promoting to it is possible to then direct those prospects to the most appropriate pages of your website. You can improve conversion rates and enjoy a strong return on your marketing and website design investment. Prospect marketing should be considered important for every online business.

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