To increase traffic to your company website you should implement strategies to boost your pipeline

Running a company website means many things and it will almost certainly require that you introduce numerous marketing strategies and traffic development campaigns. You can increase traffic to your company website using a variety of techniques and methods.


There are many sources of traffic and these offer potential for you to drive visitors and, hopefully, increase sales and profits over time. When it comes to digital marketing techniques, there are the usual suspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) as well as Social Media Marketing (SMM). These are relatively generic descriptions, though, and there are more specific strategies that you can adopt to help develop your pipeline.

Quality Content

Create quality content and publish often. Website content has become increasingly important to the search engines, to visitors, and, therefore, to website owners too. Providing fresh content means that you can encourage visitors to the pages of your site and making sure that the content is set up to convert means that you will enjoy a greater number of conversions from those visitors that do land on your website.

Social Network Groups

Increase Traffic To Your Company Website ImageSet up groups on social networks and join existing groups. Get involved in the conversations that exist within these groups and answer questions. This will help to improve your reputation and it means that your leads will believe you to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in the relevant areas. Through this combination you will enjoy increased sales too.

Google Profiles

Get on Google and sign up for your own Places page. Also look at having your products listed in the Shopping results and integrate your Google+ page with your Places page. Google may be a relative newcomer to the social media and social networking world but its integration with other Google real estate means that it can help to generate a massive stream of steady traffic to the pages of your website. Make the most of the increased popularity of Google.

Develop A Community For Your Site

Website content can be published on the pages of your website or away from your site. It can be text based or it can incorporate images, video, audio, and other forms of media too. Inforgraphics have become very popular and combine images and text. Slideshows are also another popular form of multimedia and you will find social media websites that not only allow these types of content but actively seek out some of the best media producers in these areas. This could include you and could provide you with a valuable source of Internet traffic.

Guest Blogging

Connect with others in your industry and your niche. If you can build a strong community around your company website then you will be able to encourage greater social involvement and this means a stream of traffic to your web pages. Reach out to other bloggers and business owners; consider offering and accepting guest posts and other forms of guest content in order that you can benefit one another and provide your visitors with access to high quality content with varied opinions.

Integrating Your Social Profiles With Your Online Real Estate

Another aspect to creating a community around your website is to communicate with your leads and prospects away from your website. Create social media profiles and attract visitors to those sites. Get involved in their conversations and encourage new conversations. Integrate your existing website with your blog, your social networks, and any other online real estate that you might possess.

Be An Early Adopter

Try to predict the rise of the next big social network. Pinterest is, arguably, the latest of the big social media websites to have struck gold and early adopters continue to reap the rewards of having been there in the very beginning. If you can find a social network that is similarly juvenile and you not only adopt its use but master its nuances then you could become an authority on the use of that particular network and this means that you could gain substantial traffic for your efforts.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

In order to increase traffic to your company website, it is vital that you take action. Simply making plans and setting the wheels in motion is not enough to guarantee increased traffic levels and you will need to develop these strategies into working models. Get the members of your team and your organisation involved in the running of your website because this will assist in the creation of a successful online business.

Contact the Cocoa Promotions team to discuss our range of ethical and high quality marketing techniques and to see how we can help you increase traffic to your company website.

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