Determine how aware your leads and website visitors are in order to provide targeted content that is designed to convert your visitors to customers.

The structure of your website is critical to its success and optimising landing pages can be considered a critical part of your website structuring. This not only means that you need a good looking template and great navigation but it also means having an understanding of your visitors and the landing pages that they arrive on. By understanding the process that a customer goes through between arriving on your site and making a purchase you can pinpoint what stage they are at on the awareness ladder; a determination of how aware of your product a particular person is.

Landing Page Optimisation ImageMeasuring Awareness

Different website visitors will have a different awareness of your product. Some will arrive with no knowledge of your service or product whatsoever while others may have a deeper understanding. Those that have purchased before will have a deep understanding and are really only looking to make a second or subsequent purchase from you. In order to create effective landing pages which give the best possible conversion rate you should identify how aware visitors are.

Stage 1

Stage 1 visitors are unaware that they even need your product. It is unlikely that any visitors to your on-page content will be at this stage. Off-page content such as external blog posts, articles, and your social media profile may attract some visitors at this stage but it isn’t usually until stage 2 that you will begin to experience visitors.

Stage 2

Stage 2 leads are aware of a particular problem but they do not yet know of how to resolve or solve that problem. Landing pages for these sites require that you further identify with the problem and then help highlight how your product or your service can help to resolve that problem. Generic and reasonably targeted marketing can lead to visitors that are at stage 2 of the awareness ladder.

Stage 3

Stage 3 prospects know that there is a problem and they even know that there is a solution. As yet, however, they do not know that there is a specific product or that you offer it. These leads may arrive through other pages of your website or they may have come through effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Stage 4

Stage 4 visitors are aware of the problem, the existence of a solution, and the fact that your product offers the solution that they require. However, they are not yet convinced enough to make a purchase. Highly targeted advertising, auto-responders, and subscribers can fall into this category and your landing pages should extol the virtues of your specific company while adding some urgency to the proposition too.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the final stage of awareness. Prospects at this stage know of your product, the benefits it offers, and why they should purchase. They know that they want your product and are effectively looking for a way to buy it. These landing pages should be direct and offer further urgency in order to convince these visitors that they should make the final step and become a paying customer by purchasing what you offer.

Determining Awareness

Consider the marketing message and ad copy that your leads have seen when arriving on the pages of your website. Also consider whether any particular visitors to your pages have arrived internally. Use this information to determine which rung of the awareness ladder they are at and how to progress them through the different stages until they are fully aware and make a purchase.

Landing Page Optimisation

Gear the tone and content of your landing pages according to the stage of the ladder you believe they are at. If you are experiencing low conversion rates or high bounce rates on a particular page then make sure that you have a good understanding of page visitors and what has led them to your site. Determine the content of the advert that they followed and optimise landing pages so that they are filled with high quality words and content that are ready to convert.

The Awareness Ladder

The awareness ladder is an effective way to look at your website visitors and the process they take from being unaware of a problem through to being fully aware and ready to make a purchase. By identifying which stage your page visitors are at, you will be able to incorporate more effective calls to action and you will be able to enjoy improved conversion rates as a result. Consider tweaking and amending your content as a means of optimising landing pages to take advantage of the knowledge you have of your visitors’ knowledge.

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