Get started with your site by following these easy steps for your launch

Launching a new website means considering many factors; this quick digital marketing guide aims to take you through the early stages of marketing a brand new site. It will take time before you enjoy considerable traffic levels, although marketing techniques like pay per click can generate virtually instant traffic for a site. By at least considering your future marketing when first developing a site you give yourself a greater chance of marketing success in the future.

Metrics And Analytics

When establishing your site, immediately after determining the style and the overall look of the site, you should also determine how you will track visitors to your site and how you will ensure that you capture as many details regarding those visitors as possible. Install analytics in the template and add tracking codes to your major conversion fields. If you have newsletter signup forms then look for ways to measure bounce rates on these too. The more meaningful information you can measure, the better.

Accessibility And Design

Do make sure that the design is accessible. This means that pages should load fully and quickly otherwise you stand to lose potential visitors from your website before they even have chance to look at your incredible products and unbeatable offers. Every element should be accessible and your site and pages should be tested using different devices, screen resolutions, and browsers. Consider having your site translated to further improve accessibility and offer increased text and even audio description for those that would otherwise struggle to access your site.

Content And Content Marketing

Most forms of marketing will require that you have great quality content and, regardless of the path that a visitor takes before landing on your website, it is the quality and performance of your content that will ultimately determine whether or not they convert to a paying customer. Content and content marketing are becoming even more important so this is especially vital if you want to enjoy online success to any reasonable degree.

Search Engines And Traffic

One of the roles that your content will play is to attract search engine visitors. Ensure your content is high quality not only so that it converts visitors to customers but also so that it adequately attracts visitors in the first place. If visitors happen to be other website owners, bloggers, or other publishers then your content should be high enough quality that they will consider providing a link to your content.

Lead Collection And Contact

Add data capture forms and contact forms on your site. Your visitors will want ways to contact you and this not only includes email. Live chat can greatly increase the number of people that communicate with your organisation and this means that you will have even greater opportunity to convert your website visitors into bone fide sales.

Quick Digital Media Marketing Guide Social Media Marketing ImageBlog And Social

Add a blog because this gives you ideal opportunity to add fresh and unique content on a regular basis. Consider adding a publishing schedule directly to the blog so that you are basically forced to stick to this. A blog is also linkworthy text and so it will provide your visitors with a reason to provide a link to your website or to share your content. Create social profiles with a select few social media sites and look for ways to integrate the likes of Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn on your site, depending on the type of product and the type of site that you offer.

Paid Advertising

SEO and Social Media Marketing are organic in their very nature and it will take time to grow an audience using these marketing techniques. For an instant traffic hit consider pay per click marketing, or PPC, and you will be able to generate traffic according to the amount of money that you wish to spend and the effort you’re willing to put in too.

Quick Digital Marketing Guide Summary

Launching a website requires many things and it necessitates the need to create a high quality environment for your visitors. You should also look at your marketing strategies and implement content and other factors that are designed to help with your marketing early in the process. Start well and you will be able to build on this positive start throughout the life of your website. This quick digital marketing guide is only the beginning of what you need to do to enjoy a successful website experience.

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