This post looks at techniques to implement to improve your social media campaign including editorial calendars.

Social media strategies continue to evolve and progress and while search engines may be the primary source of information when surfers want something specific, it is social media websites that they turn to in order to discover content, find media, and share with their colleagues, friends, and family.

As such, every good business owner should include social media in their marketing methods in the near future at very least. There are some tips that can help you succeed on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter including the use of an editorial calendar, ensuring that you share the right content, and growing your network.

Social Media Editorial Calendar ImageWhat Are Editorial Calendars?

One of the greatest challenges that face businesses on social media websites is locating and creating content that appeals to its readers and visitors. The social media editorial calendar is effectively a blueprint, with publication timeframes, of the content that your business is going to share and on which social media sites.

Social media can take many forms ranging from text to video and everywhere in between. There are some forms of content that naturally cross the border between two variants as well. You should look for ways to publish any and all of the ones that are relevant to your website and business.

Using A Calendar

Using an editorial calendar will give you a more structured approach to social media marketing. Publishing content can seem like a daunting task, especially if you look to share something every day.

Create a calendar that outlines the type of content you will create, on which sites you intend to share it, and what resources you will use to help you formulate your content. You can also involve other team members and even outsourcers and this information can be included in your calendar too.

Sharing Information

You are not only encouraged but advised to share media on social media websites. Don’t simply add a daily status update because most of your potential clients will be less interested in these than the content you share with them.

When creating your editorial calendar be sure to include information on where you will find content to share. Don’t simply share all of your own content. A lot of successful campaigns operate on an 80/20 rule whereby 80% of shares are for content belonging to other websites and 20% are shares of your content. At the very least, get in the habit of sharing good quality content with your readers.

Sharing The Right Information

Share relevant and timely information rather than content that may be considered irrelevant or useless. Funny cats are obviously appealing to everybody in the right circumstances but if you have a list of followers looking for divorce representation then this may not be the best opportunity to upload and disseminate your funny moggy pictures.

Growing Your Network

One of your principle goals in social media marketing should be to grow your network. Whether you are on LinkedIn looking for fellow professionals or Facebook attempting to attract people at a more social level you will need a good core of people to follow you so that you can enjoy the best results from your sharing and your content creation.

Tips For Growth

Your editorial calendar and content shares can help you to grow your network but this will usually only take you so far. Don’t forget to redirect website visitors to your social accounts and offer share and like buttons too.

Ask for recommendations from colleagues because these will go a long way in building trust and developing a relationship while also helping you to increase the size of your social networks.

Get involved in Groups, discussions, conversations, and polls. Offer your insightful, expert opinion but do make sure that you conduct yourself properly throughout this process to ensure that you get the best results from your networking time.

Don’t give up. A network is like a snowball and it can take time before it starts to noticeably develop. However, once you have built your network a little it will grow at a faster rate in the future.

Social Media And Your Business

Social media can prove highly useful to your online business and it can be used to help you generate a massive number of potential clients for your website. Follow the tips above, implement the highlighted social media strategies, and research some more in order that you can continue to reap the rewards that are offered by leveraging the power of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Call us today to speak to a friendly and professional member of the team. We can work with you to develop a powerful social media marketing campaign and to help improve your business efforts.

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