If a company’s greatest asset is its people then you should utilise your people to help attract online business

Every member of an organisation has a vital role to play in the running of the company including your attempts to attract online business. From customer relationship management to product acquisition, there are many ways in which you can best utilise the skills of your team members. Use your product team to bestow the benefits of your products, the marketing team to create marketing media, and the sales team to help deliver visitors to the pages of your website.

Engaging Employees

Employee Engagement ImageIt is important that you learn to engage employees. If your business is making the transition to online marketing then you can prevent your most important team members from feeling alienated by getting them more heavily involved in your online marketing efforts. Many employees will want to be involved in the way the company is being shaped and changed, and by allowing them to become a part of your marketing strategy, you can provide them with this level of involvement.

Accessing Skills

The greatest reason for getting employees involved in this way is because they have the skills that you need. It would be virtually impossible for you to be able to single-handedly manage an entire campaign on your own. Sit down with team leaders and discuss the skills of their team members and how you can best use those skills to your advantage. Determine if there are team members that are willing to take on extra responsibilities and if any are willing to take courses to advance their skills further.

Increased Diversity

You can enjoy diversity in your communication and marketing when you use a greater number of people. While you may have extensive knowledge on how to run your company this doesn’t necessarily mean that you share the same view as all of your potential leads. Some of your prospects may require a younger or a more mature voice while others may demand a particular form of content that you are not entirely at ease with creating.

Offer Additional Training

Where necessary, consider giving additional training and coaching. Employing new team members will almost certainly prove more costly than paying for existing members to go on a course. Training courses can be used to teach the latest techniques so that your team members can employ the latest technologies and the most recent advances in order to give your marketing the best results.

Add Social Share Buttons

Those social share buttons that are on the pages of your website and the posts of your blog are not only beneficial to your visitors but they can also prove highly useful to your own team. When deadlines are tight it is a lot easier for team members to click a share button than to copy, paste, and perform various other steps. The easier the process, the more likely it will be followed.

Incentivise Social Performance

You may want to consider incentivising performance especially for a new initiative. A lot of employees may enjoy the prospect of social networking and sharing but, for others, the addition of incentives may be what is required to get them heavily involved in your marketing campaigns. You can offer prizes, vouchers, or other incentives if you don’t want to offer cash bonuses.

Get Team Members Directly Involved

Google+ hangouts, Twitter parties, and webcasts are some of the ways in which you can really shine the spotlight on team members and a lot of your employees will relish the opportunity to be seen and to have their voices heard. It also allows your employees to communicate directly with prospects, leads, and existing customers meaning it is not only viable but can be highly beneficial too.

Scheduling Content

Assign a different member of staff to blog writing or social media compilation on different days and bring it into the daily working day. If your employees feel that getting involved will take up too much of their own time then they may not be as willing as they would be if it were considered a part of their working day, for which they are already getting paid.

Business Evolution

If employees and team members see that your business is evolving in the social networking sphere and they wish to advance in tandem then they will be willing to get involved and go the extra mile. Social networking can prove very beneficial and your team members are often the ones that are best placed to extol the virtues of your products and sell the benefits of your company to others. Use the tips above to help attract online business for your company.

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