Video infographics can be seen as the next step in infographics, offering quality content in a simple format.

Video Infographics ImageMost web surfers have seen brightly coloured infographics. They share large amounts of information in a colourful method that is easy to digest. When done well they can provide a website with a highly compelling piece of content; content that others will naturally want to link to and will be more inclined to share with their peers.

Video infographics can be considered the next logical progression or evolution of this content creation technique. A video display can take anywhere up to around 25 pictures per second which means that, even in a few seconds, you can show off a considerable amount of high quality information.


Information graphics, or infographics, are typically large graphical files that incorporate images, text, and data. They tend to be heavy on pie charts and graphs, as these are a convenient and effective way of sharing data with others, and they will also include entertaining and useful images.

They have taken the Internet by storm and not only will you see them on websites that you visit and social media websites but there are entire online communities dedicated to rooting out and displaying the best that the web has to offer. In short, they are a potential marketing goldmine.

Online Video Statistics

Another trend that is immediately evident is that of online video consumption. According to Accenture, more than three quarters of web users view video content of some kind. What’s more, you can enjoy a 65% increase in conversions of one type or another by including video on your website and this includes a 24% increase in product purchases according to WyzOwl.

This means that by placing a couple of product videos on your pages you could see your revenue increase by a quarter but what if you don’t have the kind of products that easily lend themselves to a video review?

Video Infographics

Video infographics are similar to graphical displays. They include a lot of information set out in a format that is easy to digest and has already been broken down into manageable chunks. They can be added to your own website to increase conversions and they can be shared across multiple online channels.

It is important that your videoinfographic, if you will, is good quality. Don’t simply create a 10 second video for the sake of it; ensure that it contains genuine value and useful information. Your viewers will appreciate the effort and will show their appreciation typically in the form of a purchase or other conversion.

Compelling Content

So video content is beneficial to your website because it helps increase conversion rates. This means that placing an information video infographic could see you multiply the number of sales you make but this isn’t the only potential use for these beneficial little clips. Add a friendly voice over or some light music, make sure the content is colourful, and you can promote your video clip online.

Easily Digestible Information

People love video because it is an effortless means of digesting information. There’s no need to try and dissect potentially complicated written material and what may take several minutes to read can be consumed and comprehended in a matter of seconds when video is introduced.

The problem is that people have a short attention span. A nameless head talking on a small screen in monotone is unlikely to yield the best results whereas a brightly coloured display packed full of statistics and data will grab the attention and keep it.

Viral Videos

One great feature of online video is how simple it is to share. Viewers can click a link and embed a clip on their own blog. They can post a link to the host page or they can stream content from video channels like YouTube within their social network feeds.

By creating something appealing and then seeding the video you can create a viral storm. As people view your video content, if they love it, then they will be inclined to share it with their friends, colleagues, and peers. They will do so freely in most cases because you have provided them with something that they want to share.

Content For Mobile

Another reason for the explosion in video popularity is mobile device usage. More and more people are connecting to the Internet using devices like mobile phones and tablet PCs. Reading text is even more difficult on these smaller devices and this makes video content especially popular.

If you have a mobile website, and most businesses should have by now, then you can offer video content. Video infographics, in particular, can prove especially useful. You could offer a ten second clip on how well different forms of personal investment vehicle can drive wealth.

Contact us today and we will discuss how you can benefit from video infographics. We can integrate video marketing into a unified marketing strategy or an online marketing mix to help drive results for your website.

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