Video marketing provides prospects with quality content in a format that they desire.

This video marketing guide aims to provide you with information on the types of video you can, the benefits of using video, and how to implement video in your marketing strategy.

Video Marketing EquipmentVideo has quickly become one of the most popular content forms online. Studies have shown that website visitors are more inclined to make purchases and convert when they have viewed video clips compared to a page filled with text and images. It is also a popular share on social media websites and a powerful video channel on sites like YouTube can lead to effective viral marketing for your web presence.

Quality and viability are important considerations. You must ensure that you have a genuine reason for creating video rather than text or graphics and that the video is of a good enough quality for your requirements. This will help ensure success.

The Benefits Of Video

Video content is easy to digest, or it can be if it is produced well and has valuable content. It can be displayed on your own website, shared with others, and distributed to video and social media channels. It is surprisingly easy and effective to work with and it not only improves conversion rates but it can also market your website to great effect.

Users that watch video tend to become highly engaged. Video is captivating and even those that are not strictly watching a video will usually take some of the information in. It can improve brand awareness and it can be used to purvey a message that other content forms would not.

What types of video content are there?

  • Video Ads – A video ad is similar to a TV advertisement. It should be relatively short and it should be highly compelling. It can be used away from a website to drive traffic or on the pages of a website to drive conversions.
  • Product Videos – Product videos will bestow the benefits and highlight the purpose of a particular product or service. You can consider creating video reviews for your own products or ask others to do this for you.
  • Video Interviews – Interview somebody within your industry that your prospects want to hear from and then publish the video. With this form of video content you will typically enjoy the additional benefit that the person interviewed will market the clip themselves.
  • Webinars – Like seminars, a webinar is a great way to be deemed an authority on a particular topic. Give a talk, open up the floor to discussion using other forms of social media, and get other thought leaders from your industry involved to create a real buzz.
  • User Generated Video – You don’t have to create the video yourself either. Ask your customers to create their own video of them using your product in unique and innovative ways or invite video reviews from site visitors.
  • Infographics – The infographic has become a highly valuable marketing tool to website owners and the next natural step in its development is the video infographic. A short clip that contains masses of information in a colourful display will catch attention and deliver data and statistics quickly and easily.

Choosing The Right Content Form

There are many forms of content that can be included on your website. The majority of content will usually be in the form of text with useful images thrown in to increase the appeal of a web page. By adding video you can further increase the appeal of a page and create what could turn out to be a highly compelling and influential website for your business.

Branding For Your Video

As well as creating compelling content you need to brand it and you need to add some form of Call To Action. You can link videos to product pages and, if you are using video on your own site, then you can add a CTA around the video. Ensure that the video is branded, include a watermark with your website address, and invite viewers to take the next step in the purchasing funnel.

Sharing And Seeding Video

Share video with your website visitors and seed a viral video by inviting those viewers to further disseminate your content. Add share buttons, include code to embed the video, and use video channels like YouTube and Vine. If your content is great and you have authority in your industry then you could have a viral campaign on your hands.

SEO For Video

Most search engines offer universal results and this means that as well as listing websites and web pages that are most relevant to a particular search they will also include links to the best multimedia content. Google lists YouTube videos, for example, so conducting SEO on your video content means that you could benefit from highly targeted visitors in exchange for your efforts.

Measuring Performance

Whatever form of marketing you use you should measure performance. When you create and share a new video clip track results to see how it performs. Move the video around the page and consider moving it to a different page and track results. Use different forms of video content and share them on different websites and track results. Whatever changes you make and additions you include, track results.

Hopefully you will find some benefit from the video marketing guide although there are a number of other and innovative ways in which you can use video.

Contact us today to discuss your video marketing campaign. We can help create, share, and market your video so that you enjoy increased traffic and improved conversions for your business website.

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