Find ways to control the costs of managing and maintaining your own website to increase revenue and profits.

It has become a vital part of most businesses that they have a website and online presence. Without careful planning and effective and efficient website design and development this can mean spiralling work requirements and ongoing costs.

There are steps that can be taken to help reduce workload and the costs of maintaining a website. Consider using members of your organisation, completing some of the work yourself, and even encouraging your website visitors to help update your website and its content. Also consider service contracts and using a developer that provides a range of services and sliding scales of cost.

Design And Development ImageCompleting Work Yourself

One of the most obvious ways to save money in the development of your website and its content is to undertake some of the work yourself. If you have expertise in design, development, or coding then this can prove especially useful. If you are able to write high quality content, produce videos, or create attractive images then this could be another way to save costs.

You need to weigh up the cost of paying for services compared to the cost of doing it yourself. You will find that completing work yourself takes you away from your essential business processes and tasks so factor this into your equation.

Using Employees

Use the expertise that resides within your office to help develop or expand your website. Virtually any member of staff can be used to help with your social media campaign and you can seek their input on content creation too.

Ask your marketing team and marketing professionals what expertise they have in developing an online marketing strategy and then use this to your advantage. You will never know what additional skills lie within your company unless you take action to find out.

Crowdsourcing And User Generated Content

Your employees aren’t your only source of content creation either. A website can be set up in such a way that it encourages users to get involved. This can range from blog posts to user reviews and for every piece of content that a user submits it means that you don’t have to pay to have it created professionally. Incentivising content creation can prove especially effective.

Curation Over Creation

You don’t have to create all of the content yourself and you don’t even need to rely on crowdsourcing either. As well as content creation, consider curation. Task a particular member of your marketing or web team to locate high quality content that can be used on your site and then implement this content.

Take care when embarking on content curation; do ensure that you have some unique content that you can call your own because this will provide you with additional benefits when compared to reusing content from other sources. Get a good mixture of user generated content, professional content, and curated content.


Ensure that you have a means of easily and quickly updating your website. A Content Management System, blog, or ecommerce platform should offer you and those within your company this very opportunity and if you can create and update your website yourself it will cut down on service charges.

Open Source Platforms

Open source website platforms and content management systems offer a number of distinct benefits over commercial offerings. They can be used to help reduce development costs and, should you need to expand or change your website in the future, you will usually find that somebody has already done a lot of the work.

There are many extensions and plugins for a lot of open source platforms and these can be used to add a whole range of functions to your website without placing additional strain on your budget or your team.

Service Contracts

When employing a designer, developer, or marketer ensure that you get true value for money. If a development contract includes an additional service contract element then take advantage of this when you need to. Again, this is another way that you can reduce your ongoing costs without placing the burden within your own company.

Reducing Ongoing Costs

There are many ongoing costs associated with running a business and while some are unavoidable and unwavering, others can be reduced or completely eliminated. Highlight those areas where you are spending the most on your website and online presence and look for viable ways to reduce this total.

Outsource work if you need to because this will free you up to service contracts, sell products, and complete other essential tasks for your organisation. Use your employees and benefit from the people that visit your website and are willing to share their experiences. Your website design and development choices can have a major influence on the future of your business and the performance of your website.

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