Get past the myths surrounding digital design and marketing to uncover genuinely useful information.

There are many myths and misconceptions around the topics of website design and digital marketing. For whatever reason, there are many such myths that continue to run a mock. By getting past the smoke and mirrors you may find that design and marketing are far more achievable and cost effective than you first thought.

You should choose design and marketing strategies that integrate with your existing business because this will help ensure that you have the best combination and the greatest chance of online success.

Digital Marketing Myths ImageWebsite Statistics From The Year 2000

Around the year 2000 there were a number of figures and statistics that were bandied around. The primary example that springs to mind is that a visitor makes up their mind whether to stay on your site in just three seconds.

Such myths may well have been true 13 years ago but the modern Internet user is a far more advanced, patient, and savvy individual. They will give you more than three seconds, they are willing to scroll down a page, and they can comprehend information that they read on a computer screen.

What Works For One…

If a website design or a marketing technique works for your competitor it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work as well for you. Different websites, different companies, and different developers have different strengths. What’s more, if you do exactly the same as your competitors then what is there that sets you apart from everybody else in your industry? Be bigger, be better, and be a little bit different.

Design Is The Same As Development

Website design and website development are, in actual fact, two very different things and while an individual developer may make a good designer and vice versa, it is usual for the best results to be obtained by using a company that has both design and development team on board. One team designs the look of your website while the other team takes this design and converts it into an accessible and usable website.

You Can’t Update Your Own Website

You don’t need to rely on your developer to update your website. When it comes to adding content, updating your inventory, and making similar updates, you should be able to do this work yourself. Calling on a developer every time you want to add a new product is not only time consuming but it is costly. Ensure that your website is developed using Content Management System software or an ecommerce platform so that you can make updates yourself.

Buying Links Is Bad Practice

In reality, you could replace the words “buying links” with “exchanging links” and various other practices that are often considered nefarious. The truth of the matter is that any link should be considered on its individual merit and if a link delivers a steady stream of traffic to your website then it may well be worth the money that you pay for it. However, don’t expect paid links to offer a viable improvement to your search optimisation efforts.

SEO Is Complex

If SEO were quick and simple then there would be no need for professional SEO marketers. However, this doesn’t mean that it is an overly complex dark art. One of the key reasons that companies and even some agencies require help with their SEO campaigns is a matter of time and expertise.

SEO requires that you create quality content and then develop quality links and citations. Doing so can take considerable time and this is where an SEO company pays for themselves. They can pick up the majority of the work leaving you and your team free to concentrate on the processes and tasks that are required for the successful running of your business.

Local Businesses Don’t Benefit From An Online Presence

There was a time when everybody considered the primary benefit of doing business online to be access to a global marketplace. While it remains true that a website can expose your site to potential custom from all over the world it can just as easily be used to promote your products or services to people right around the corner from you.

Local SEO and local marketing are big business and you can enjoy excellent results through locally geared marketing campaigns. If you have a small business you should at least consider putting up some basic, general information to show potential visitors when they do visit or find your website. When it comes to website design and digital marketing there are many myths that you need to avoid getting caught up in.

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