Google Author Rank will be used to determine the value of content and to promote quality content

Google Author Rank ImageGoogle Author Rank has, according to many analysts and marketers, been on the cards for some time now. It is another measure that looks set to be introduced by Google in a bid to ensure that they offer the highest possible quality of websites to their searchers. It measures the authority that an author has and then gives priority to pages created by those authors that deemed to be highly authoritative. But how will it impact on your digital marketing efforts?

Most of the required technology to fully implement author rank already exists and it is the introduction of Google+ and the Rel=Author tag that has led many to believe that what Google once called Agent Rank will soon come to fruition.


As you’re probably aware, Google+ is Google’s own take on a social networking website. It aims to connect people and allow them to share their thoughts, content, and media. To Google, it is much more than that; it is a means of combining all of their numerous offerings and it is also a way of judging the value and quality of users; or so goes the theory.

Users will start to see Google+ results appearing more often in search results and Google themselves have said that they will integrate their social network results more heavily into search results in the future.


Set up your Google+ profile and then add websites that you contribute to in the appropriate section. Now, when you create any high quality content on your own site or on other websites you can link to your Google+ profile and use the Rel=Author tag. This indicates that you are the owner of your Google+ account and that it was you that created the high quality content.

Eventually, using factors like +1s and the level of interaction that surrounds your content, Google will be able to not only judge the quality of your work but the quality of your authorship skills. Those authors that are deemed as regularly providing engaging and high quality content on a particular topic will come out on top.

Top Rankings

The biggest benefit of being considered an authoritative author is that it is likely to yield improved search engine results once Google Author Ranking is fully implemented. Your posts will appear nearer the top of search results and this improved prominence means that you will receive more clicks. You will also be perceived as more of an expert by your visitors and this may also lead to improved conversions.

Get On Google+

The primary step to ensuring that your Author Rank will be high is to get your Google+ profile and become a verified Google Author. Complete your profile, add colleagues to your Circles, and try to attract peers that with similar interests to your own. This will give your profile a healthy look; one that will help you to promote yourself as a skilled authority.

Create Valuable Content

Of course, you must create high quality content. Not only should you be adding this content to your own site but if you produce content for other websites then you should also be ensuring this is of a very high quality while including the Rel=Author tag too. Continue to produce great quality and continue to find authoritative sites where you can add this content. Always make sure that you link it to your website profile (which should be linked to your Google+ account) or directly to your Google+ profile.

Stick To Relevant Topics

Google loves relevance and this is likely to shine through in Google Author Rank as well. Try to ensure that you stick to a handful of topics and create relevant content that is related to these in some way. If you create a lot of content on diverse topics then you should still see a positive Author Rank because you will be adding fresh content, regularly, for each of the topics in question.

Encourage Votes

Another factor that is likely to determine the level of your Author Rank is how engaging your content is. This means that when others share your posts and when your content receives +1 votes it won’t just benefit that particular piece of content but your overall Ranking too. New pages will receive greater weight in search results if you have a positive Google Author Rank.

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