Website and mobile analytics concept

Care to know what matters and what doesn’t? How does one say its online efforts a success?
We at Cocoa Promotions turn to analytics and metrics.

This statistical method analyses internet data, what goes in and out of your website. That way, we see how effective things are be it your website mainly or the ads and campaigns we are running.
Search engines tell us the performance through its results. Be it trends in search volumes, reverse searching (entering websites to see their keywords), keyword monitoring, search result and advertisement history, advertisement spending statistics, website comparisons,etc.

We are interested with your visitors behaviour on your website pages and we use analytics to see if they enquire or do sales with you. That’s being effective.
Thereafter, what is working, we make it better. On the other hand, if it’s wanting we strive to find out why and work on a better way.

User metrics such as the click through rate tell us what percentage of users who see your add click through to your site and so, how effective your online advertising campaign is. Dwell time shows us how long a visitor spends on your website and this shows how effective the content is relevant. Both ways, we look at improvements being done.

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