Professional copywriting can propel your online business towards success and conversions

Never underestimate the power of the written word or the effectiveness of a professional copywriting service for your business. From your Tweets to your web page content you need to ensure that your content sells everything about your products, your services, and your business.

Should you employ a professional writer or an industry insider to deal with your copywriting? You have the industry knowledge and by combining this with the expertise of a professional copywriter you can enjoy great results.

Copywriting Research

Even an industry insider will need to conduct thorough research if they want to create the most compelling website copy. If you are attempting to write the copy yourself it means that, unless your industry is marketing and copywriting, you will also need to learn how to effectively write copy that sells.

A skilled copywriter will not only be able to effectively write copy and create compelling content but they will also know where and how to conduct research. They will be able to collect and collate all of the necessary information so that they can draft relevant and compelling copy too.

Content Type

There are, of course, many types of website content. Multimedia content as well as written content can be used to help sell your products and services. When it comes to written content you will find the below forms on the web; this is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Sales copy – landing pages, marketing emails, and other direct marketing messages that are designed to convert visitors directly to customers.
  • Informative content – blog posts, informational articles, and how to guides are some of the most common forms of informative content but there are many others.
  • Marketing copy – not all marketing copy needs to appear on your own website, of course. Marketing copy can appear on other websites, as a PPC ad, or elsewhere and it should all be written to give the best conversion rates.
  • Supporting text – there are some pages and elements to your website that may not instinctively fall into any of the other categories above. Ebooks, contact pages, and other supporting web pages and content would fall into this category.

Newsworthy And Timely Content

Using an experienced copywriter means that you will be able to have high quality and newsworthy posts written for you using the latest news stories. Copywriters are not only expert at writing and crafting compelling copy but also at researching, setting up alerts, and performing other essential tasks.

Persuasive Copy

Regardless of which stage of the funnel your prospect is at, you need to provide persuasive copy to carry those prospects to the next stage in the marketing funnel. In some instances this may mean providing information about products or provide hard sales copy that is designed specifically to convert visitors to customers.

Working Together

Newsworthy Website Content Converts Visitors Image

Your copywriter should be a professional and skilled wordsmith and they will be able to research the necessary information and facts about the industry that you serve in order to create the best possible web content. However, you are an industry expert or you should have a team of skilled individuals within your organisation.

Work together with your copywriter, as you would with any marketing agency, in order to ensure that the content is not only compelling but accurate and effective too.

Gain The Advantage With Copywriting For Your Industry

Copywriting for your website can provide you with a competitive edge over the other companies within your industry. It can provide you with copy that is not only designed to inform and provide accurate information but is also created to convert your visitors into paying customers and clients.

Work with your copywriter, and combine your own team with that of the professional copywriter. By working together, you can enjoy the benefits of a professional copywriting while combining this with your own expertise and knowledge regarding the industry and the company that you run.

Contact the team at Cocoa Promotions for help with effective website content writing and developing a content strategy.

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