Wins, Wealth and Health

Below you will find the actual figures for a client we took on.

I am putting this here as a simple way to show you what is typically involved in a campaign,  and what the associated costs are.  These actions and costs are similar for all our clients, and you should be able to work out approximately what the cost would be to you should you engage us. The monthly budget is regarding our marketing fees and does not include pay per click advertising costs as these vary so much between different fields – for example you could pay £8 a click for personal injury while disputed probate could cost just £1.

Lapsed Time Budget Monthly Activities/Results
Day 1 £1,500 Under 20 staff, less than 200 visitors to the firm’s site weekly, no enquiries. We agree to redo the site, and run a digital marketing campaign  – the key action is to get people that need the niche services the firm provides to the site and enquiring.
At 3 Months £1,500 No negative links on first 2 pages of results.  Only 1 link on page 3.   Weekly enquires up by 3 times to 15 per week.
At 6 Months £1,500 6 months after starting he is ranking near the top for his niche.  A PPC campaign is running and between the Organic ranking and the PPC he is getting too many enquiries to deal with in-house. He outsources to a telecenter and focuses on structuring the firm.
At 1 Year £2,500 10 new staff have been added to the firm.  There are over 1,000 visitors a month.  We propose creating additional websites to exploit specific niche products and he agrees.  Budget increased by £1,000 a month to cover the additional work.
At 1 Year 3 months £2,500 Enquiries now at 10 a day.  When doing analytics we realise a niche exists, and propose creating another website.
At 1 Year 6 Months £3,250 Turnover now over £1,500,000.  Second office opened and staffed.  Reputation is excellent and he starts public speaking at Conferences.
At 1 Year 9 Months £3,250 Turnover exceeds £2,000, 000.  30 staff now employed and looking at opening a third office.
At 2 Years 3 Months £3,250 Turnover stably above £2,250,000.  15 enquiries per day.  Opens a third office.
At 2 Years 6 Months £5,500 A new marketing campaign is created. Enquiries jump to 20 per day.  We add a forum to the site and also add a video. Turnover at £3,000,000.  We manage the site daily, adding new content and blog articles daily.
At 3 Years £5,500 There are now 45 full time staff.  Turnover is stably above £4 million and growing each week.   30 enquiries come in each day to an in-house department.

Marketing, if properly done, produces incredible results.

If you are not winning and wealthy, your marketing is unhealthy.

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