Effective cross selling enables you to increase the average order value for your clients

Cross selling and upselling are different and while upselling means selling what is a replacement, but often more profitable item, cross selling means selling additional items to the buyer. Both techniques will usually yield improved results but it is cross selling that will help you to sell more items and therefore increase your profits. Cross selling can be done through various channels including email, social media, and, of course, your own website.

Cross Selling Products ImageCross Selling Via Email Marketing

Email marketing is a viable and effective means of marketing your website and selling your products and services. Using cross selling you can sell additional items to those customers that have provided you with their email address or during your email marketing campaign. This means developing a list that you can use as a cross selling marketing list. Include data capture forms on your own website, collect emails on social networks, and even consider renting or buying high quality, targeted lists.

Social Media

Social media has undergone a massive boom in recent years. It is possible to sell services and products via sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as Pinterest and others. Collect user data in a similar way to your email marketing list. If you struggle to make sales directly through the social sites then direct visitors to your own website.


Most businesses will conduct the majority of their sales through their own website. You have added flexibility here and will usually gain the greatest number of potential leads coming to the pages of your site. Add ecommerce features so that you can add cross selling sales techniques to the pages of your site.

Check Your Products

Before you embark on any marketing drive you should check your product list. Cross selling will require that you have items that are closely related to one another and that you have related descriptions. To make the process simpler, you should also ensure that products are well categorised and that you have added effective and efficient keywords and tags to each of your products.

Customers Also Bought…

There are many ways that you can add cross-selling functionality on your own website. One of the most powerful, utilised by successful companies like Amazon and other major online retailers, is to highlight the products that are related to one another. You can use text like “Customers also bought…” or “Complete the look with…”. Vary the text according to the type of product or service that you sell.

Collect Data

Whatever medium you use to sell your goods, you should collect data to assist you. This may mean collecting email contact details or collating social media details from your potential clients. Whatever your preference, when it comes to communication, you should find ways to effectively collect and utilise customer data for the best returns and rewards. Capture forms, email communication, and other permission based communication can prove effective.

Use Confirmations To Cross Sell

Use confirmation emails and communication to help make sales. If you send emails to confirm receipt or to confirm postage then use these to cross promote other products from your website too. They can give your marketing efforts a major boost and greatly increase your sales.

Get Personal

Whether you’re email marketing or are attempting to cross sell through social media websites you should personalise the message that you send. Use the recipient’s name and even customise the message that you send, asking for a review of their recent experience with your site.


Incentivising offers is a great way to improve your sales efforts. Offer your existing customers money off when they make a second or additional purchase through your website. Offer an incentive to those that place larger value orders too; this will give you a potentially huge return for your efforts.


Offer bundled items together and at discounted prices. Certain items and services marry up effectively. If you’re promoting pension plans then you can also offer ISAs or other investment vehicles together and provide a reduction in your consultancy fee; you will have secured two sales instead of one, after all. Cross selling in this way can provide you with additional profits because it encourages customers to buy more.

Contact us today and we will help you to implement and improve your cross selling campaigns, whether you use email, social media, or your own website as your primary medium.

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