The Postman rings twice!


Email marketing is a time and tested way of doing marketing. And getting results too.
Think of all those email addresses as a database of clients already. And chances are, they will.

Yet, don’t send out unsolicited ones. Most send them in bulks even, don’t. They will go straight to the wastebasket as spam. And the opportunity is gone.
Use email correctly.

Craft a detailed plan in using these contact details to the most. Make them give you their email addresses.
You thought so well in reaching out to your audience, used all marketing tools to make them share their information with you.

Mine these opportunities.

Making it personal is key. Offer your handshake: give an introduction, say your business name, address, contact details, URL, email address too.
Add your signature, tell these prospective clients what your business is all about, and what is your unique proposition. Keep it simple.
The simpler the approach, the better.
Think of it as a loveletter to your customer. Keep them in love with your monthly newsletter. Yes it does take some time and commitment to create, but it will be well worth it. Keep it well written, make them keep you in mind, remind them of what you are to their businesses. Keep the fire burning.

So we at Cocoa Promotions, we help keep that special relationship going.
We know a lot about making email marketing work best for you interests. We keep going, and as in any relationships, we keep it personally simple.

Simply personal too!

To find out how an effective e-mail marketing strategy can revolutionise your business, contact us today: