Citations, on-site SEO factors, and a regular blogging programme can help you develop an effective and efficient local SEO plan.

The advent and increase in mobile usage has seen local SEO marketing become even more important for online businesses. Even desktop users are inclined to use search engines to find information about local service providers but it is especially likely when using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet PC. Through the use of effective local SEO strategies it is possible to have your website displayed at the top of local search listings.

Local SEO Marketing ImageWhy Local SEO?

More people than ever use the Internet to search for information on companies and service providers. Despite this, a lot of individuals prefer to use local companies than global ones. With local SEO you can ensure that it is your website that appears at the top of search engine results when somebody within your geographic location searches for the products, services, of information that you offer.

The Link Between Mobile And Local SEO

The importance and value of local search has been further increased by the advance of the mobile Internet. Smartphone and tablet users are more likely to be looking for local information, and you can also add satellite navigation, media players, and other forms of mobile device to this list. This means that, if you wish to benefit from traffic from these sources, you should concentrate at least some of your online marketing efforts to local search optimisation.

On Site SEO

Set your pages up so that they highlight the town, county, and locale that you are based. This not only helps you feature prominently in search rankings but it also offers some of the essential information that your local visitors will be looking for, therefore improving conversions as well as traffic levels.

  • Geo-Targeted Keywords – In reality, keywords are used for both on-page and off-page optimisation. Conduct separate research for your local SEO rather than simply using your main keywords and adding your town name. Geo-targeted keywords may differ from your generic keywords which means that regular research is well advised.
  • Location Specific Landing Pages – As well as geo-targeted keywords, you should consider applying the same kind of treatment to your web pages. Create location specific landing pages and don’t stop at the town in which your business is located either. Consider neighbouring towns, your region and county, and even ensure that you are performing in results as well as .com.
  • Local Domain – If you have a domain it highlights to search engines and site visitors that you are based in the UK rather than anywhere else in the world. Even those that don’t necessarily need somebody on the same block as their home may be looking for a UK based business. You can always consider having both a .com and a domain in order to serve content according to the location of your visitors.


Blogging is a highly effective way of being able to add new pages to your website and it can also enable you to communicate personally to your blog readers. It is an opportunity to introduce more geo-targeted keywords while ensuring that your website is packed with high quality and highly desirable web page content; the type of content that the search engines and your visitors will truly reward.

Citations And Links

One factor that needs to be considered by all search optimisation marketers is links but, in local SEO terms, it may be better to consider citations than links. If you are looking for positive reviews and word of mouth marketing then you will often be hoping to attract positive comments from those that do not have a website. With a citation, there is no need for a link, just a mention of your brand and this can come from social networks as well as blogs and other websites. As such, citations can prove invaluable in your efforts to enjoy strong search positions.

Provide Clear Contact Details

Make sure you have contact details published on your website and ensure they are easy to find and can be indexed by search engines. Again, this will benefit all of your visitors including search spiders and human visitors. As such it will help you to drive visitors to your site while also encouraging those visitors to make more purchases and spend more money. Get a Google Places page and consider directory listings on websites like Yelp for additional local benefits too.

Using Online Communities

Local search optimisation can give your business a major traffic and sales boost. The visitors that happen across your site will be highly targeted to the service and business that you have and you can be sure that you are able to make personal visits or send items inexpensively thanks to the local nature of the visitors. Local SEO marketing is a highly effective means of promoting your website to a local and targeted audience.

Call us today and we will help establish and follow through with an effective and efficient local SEO plan. Enjoy targeted, responsive visitors to the pages of your website.

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