Online reputation management enables you to build credibility as well as bury bad press.

Often seen as a means of recovering from bad press, reputation management can be used in a positive light too. You can manage your online reputation by ensuring that any bad press is quickly buried, replaced by positive reviews and content that you control. It can help you to increase credibility in your organisation therefore giving you greater chance to make conversions and sales for your business. It can be included as part of your public relations campaign and it can be used to greatly improve credibility and sales.

Monitor Your Reputation

In order to manage your reputation effectively you will need to effectively monitor it. As well as conducting regular searches for your brand, company, and individual name you should also set up alerts so that you will be informed if anything new is posted that relates to these search terms. Google Alerts is a useful tool in helping to create these alerts and staying on top of your reputation.

Many people use social networks and review sites as well as search engines when researching a company so you should regularly check these for results pertaining to your company too.

Communication And ORM ImageDon’t Panic If An Emergency Occurs

If a piece of bad press does materialise then you shouldn’t panic and should, instead, consider your actions before making any move. Check the extent of the potential damage and thoroughly check the content of the negative review. If there was good reason for the review being published then you may want to consider contacting the writer. If it is unfounded then you could consider pursuing the publisher with a take down notice.

Communicate Effectively

Always ensure that you communicate effectively; this will help to avoid many negative comments. Even if you have to relate bad news to a client this many prove more beneficial than failing to communicate at all.

Many problems that occur between businesses and their customers do so because of a lack of communication or because of poor communication. If you see a bad review and are aware of where it has come from then you can attempt to clear up the situation in order to recover some of the credibility you lose.

Deliver On Promises

Always deliver on promises that you make. If you promise to deliver something in a week then try to make sure it is there in five days. By surpassing expectations you not only reduce the likelihood of bad press you increase the chances that your customers and clients will leave a positive review of their experience with you.

Consider simply asking satisfied clients to leave a review or post a positive message about their experience with you. Ask for testimonials and display them; be prepared to back them up with some information if asked to, though, because some people are not entirely trusting of a testimonial published on a website.

Become An Authority

Become an authority in your industry by providing honest and accurate information. Post regular content updates on your own site and on other websites. When people search for your name they will be met by a host of high quality pieces of content and they will be more inclined to consider you a credible authority within your field.

Social Networking

Social networking websites are a hotbed of review based activity. Don’t forget to search the likes of Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your name and use them to further your PR efforts. Post content on these sites and get involved in discussions about your organisation and also about the industry that you serve.

To become credible you have to appear credible and this means taking a front seat in managing your online reputation. Read the good as well as the bad reviews and look for ways to use all of these to your advantage.

Poor Reputation Management

There are right and wrong ways of dealing with negative press and bad reviews. The right way is to use the information in the review to improve and change while looking to bury the results further down search engine results pages. This measured approach helps remove the chance of further bad press in the future while enabling you to recover from any damage that might have been done.

Poor reputation management means getting embroiled in heated debates and arguments on any site that includes a piece of bad press about you. Take a more measured approach and attempt to manage all aspects of your reputation; this will help ensure that you have a positive image and that you build credibility with your online crowd. Manage your online reputation to ensure that potential customers do not have a reason to walk away from you.

For assistance with your online reputation management and to see how we can help build credibility for you and your business contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the reputation management process.