Marketing to your clients first means identifying your most likely prospects and leads before using the data collected to offer targeted marketing and website content.

Marketing to your clients requires that you identify your target market and then customise your sales and marketing techniques around those targets. By effectively becoming a profiler and building a profile of the people that come to your website you will be able to more effectively make sales and create conversions.

Marketing To Your Clients ImageYou should gather and utilise data from a variety of sources; as well as your website data including analytics also consider asking for feedback. No matter how much data you collect, though, if you don’t use it effectively then it is worthless. Find ways to implement your data and make changes to your campaign that benefit you and your clientele.

Researching Your Market

You must thoroughly research your markets. In the modern age, with so many different groups of people online, it is unlikely that you will have only a single target market. Identify each group separately and create a buying profile for every different group. Also consider which stage of the awareness ladder your website visitors will be at when they arrive on your pages.

There are many ways to research your market. Use offline data, compile information on competitor websites, and visit the same sites and shops that your clients would visit to gather as much information as possible.

Using Data To Market To Your Clients

There are myriad sources of data that can be used to help you market to your clients more effectively. Install analytics, use any website data you are provided with, and consider collecting data ethically on the pages of your site. You can also consider buying information, although you should ensure that this is again done ethically to avoid any recrimination that might occur.

Deliver On Promises

When you market or advertise, when you create links to pages, and when you offer certain benefits and advantages to your clients, you are making them promises. To go back on these promises not only means a loss of face for you but it also means a potential loss of business.

Your clients will expect you to provide the information you promised and they will expect your products or services to provide exactly the benefits that you offered. Make sure you deliver if you wish to enjoy success when marketing to your clients.

Identify A Problem And Offer A Solution

Your product or service is a solution and, in order for there to be a solution, there must be a problem or challenge. Ideally, your marketing will start from the problem rather than the solution. Identify the problem that your potential buyers face and this will help you to identify the reasons that they might pay good money for what you’re selling.

Gather And Utilise Feedback

If you’re looking for information from your customers and website visitors then why not simply ask for this information? The majority of your customers may not be willing to simply proffer information but some will. What’s more, you can incentivise the process so that those that do provide you with invaluable data will be rewarded for their efforts.

What’s In It For Me?

When marketing to your clients you should always be looking to answer the question “What’s In It For Me?” This question is the one question that all of your website visitors will have in common. Initially they may want to know what is in it for them if they buy the type of product you offer. Later, they want to know what’s in it for them if they your particular product and they may also want to know what’s in it for them to buy now, today, and from you specifically.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Armed with all of this information you will be able to create targeted marketing campaigns. You will be in a position to create email marketing, search optimisation, and social media marketing campaigns that are highly targeted to the groups of people that are most likely to be buying your product. You should enjoy increased traffic levels because more people will click through your marketing links to your website.

Targeted Landing Pages

You will also be able to use the information in order to create more highly targeted landing pages and website content. This means that you will enjoy greater conversions because you will have targeted visitors being subjected to targeted content. They will be ready to take action and they will be willing to part with their cash to buy what you have to offer.

Marketing To Your Clients

You should consider data to be a vital aspect when you are marketing to your clients and whether you sell products or services, globally or locally, and whether you have an existing offline business or not, you need to gather and use specific data to help you sell more effectively with your online business. By targeting your marketing to your clients you are able to utilise extensive data sources to create an effective consumer pattern and to drive your marketing efforts.

For more information on marketing to your clients and to see how we can help contact us today. We have experience in improving business results as well as in implementing highly effective marketing campaigns.

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