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Combine your offline and online marketing efforts to increase your customer pipeline.

There are more and more ways to access the Internet and, as a result, there are an increasing number of ways in which you can engage prospects and get more clients. Whether your marketing has become stale or you simply want a healthier looking pipeline you can consider the following methods to assist your online business efforts.

Go Local

The Internet is billed as being a global marketplace but it is also a really effective local marketplace. As well as catering to national and international clients, don’t leave out the potential clients that live around the corner from you.

Local SEO and local marketing can drive highly targeted and potentially loyal customers to the numerous pages of your website. Create location specific pages and generate links from local businesses and online real estate. At the very least, local prospects are likely to research your company online so make sure that you are in control of what they see.

Network Online As Well As Offline

Networking offline means attending seminars, meetings, and other industry events. It also means visiting potential clients and pitching your products and services to them in a location that they are comfortable and at ease.

Online networking, using social networks and other social media sites, can offer similar benefits. If you can get your message in your prospects’ inbox or social networking stream then they will be inclined to at least give you screen time.

Keep Hold Of Old Customers

Netting new customers can help increase your pipeline but to really see it swell over the long term you must ensure that you keep hold of your existing customers and persuade them to purchase again.

Offer the best service and support as well as the best products and services. Second and subsequent sales effectively cost you less than the initial sale because you do not need to pay for additional marketing. Not only will this help increase the amount you make per client but it will also improve your chances of gaining customers through word of mouth.

Expand Your Marketing Techniques

It’s an old adage but you shouldn’t put all of your marketing eggs in one basket. If Google changes their algorithms then you could lose all of your potential customers if you rely solely on search optimisation, for example.

Consider additional marketing techniques like social media marketing, pay per click marketing, display advertising, and email marketing. Look for new ways to promote your business online to enjoy long term, beneficial results.

Be Cheaper, Better, Smarter, Quicker…

You have to have a Unique Selling Proposition to enjoy the best levels of success. Unless you offer a completely unique service or product you will need to ensure that you do things cheaper, quicker, better, or more intelligently than the competition.

Most companies and services have a USP but haven’t necessarily identified it yet. Think about your business when compared to the competition and then determine what you do better.

Tell Prospects That You’re Cheaper, Better, Smarter, Quicker…

Once you know your USP make sure that you play to it. Highlight the fact that you’re better than the competition or that you can deliver the same service in a fraction of the time. Use the fact that you’re a local service offering local benefits and offer this as a USP too.

Expand To Offer Additional Products And Services

If you are struggling to make sales then it may not be your marketing or advertising that is holding you back. Check your product catalogue and your range of services and determine if there is some way of expanding what you have to offer to potential clients.

Related products and services not only attract potential new customers but they can also increase the size of your average order value and they can become a part of your USP too.

Forge Partnerships

Consider joint ventures with other companies and look for organisations and individuals to partner with. This could provide you with a way of offering discounted services or it could enable you to expand your product or service catalogue without attempting to offer something that you do not fully understand.

Joint ventures can be highly lucrative if you choose the right partners. Ensure that you both get something out of the partnership to ensure that it will last a long time and provide you both with a reason to continue.

Go Mobile

Gone are the days where web surfers are tethered to their desk. Even laptops have become bulky and static when compared to smartphones and other mobile devices. Such devices have led to a further uptake in Internet access and you can benefit from this fact.

Ensure that your website is accessible using mobile devices. Determine whether you need a mobile app, responsive web design, or a dedicated mobile website. Remember to optimise your content for use on smaller devices and smaller screens as well as for the different user habits that are evident with mobile devices. By providing the content your visitors want in a format they desire you will have a greater chance to get more clients or customers for your business.

Contact us today to discuss your online marketing and to see how we can help you to get more clients and increase the size of your customer pipeline.

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