Updating old content and adding fresh content can improve rankings and conversions.

Much marketing onus is placed on online marketing content nowadays and while static and unchanging content would have once won you a top ranking this is not necessarily the case any longer. Search engines like Google, as well as your visitors, prefer to see fresh and unique content.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can update old content. User generated content can extend pages and it can help create new content ideas. Add a blog, consider including industry and company news, and find ways to add genuinely valuable pages to your website design.

Stale Content ImageThe Importance Of Fresh Content

Stale websites don’t offer benefit to visitors and not only does this mean that it will deter many people from coming back to your site but it means that search engines like Google will not give it the prominent position you require.

Search Engine Benefits

Google openly admits to looking for websites that offer the greatest value and the best quality to their visitors. They promote sites that provide fresh content and tend to bury those that do not.

Creating new content not only helps to bulk out a website and create an authoritative domain but it also allows you to take advantage of more keywords. Naturally written content will tend to attract longtail traffic and by adding new content that is well written you can continue to reap the rewards of a top search ranking position.

Subscriber Benefits

Visitors to your website will benefit from the experience considerably more if you offer fresh content too. They will be able to enjoy the latest information and will be more inclined to subscribe to your feed, bookmark your website, and visit again to see what else you have to offer.

The more times a person visits your website, the more likely they are to convert to a customer. Most people will not be willing to make a decision on their first visit and will require subsequent visits before they part with their money so finding ways in which to attract visitors back is an important part of the marketing process. Fresh content is one such technique.

Update Existing Content

Old content can still perform well for you, especially if it is unique and high quality. As long as Google sees that the page continues to offer value they will continue to offer it a prominent position in search results.

Look back at old content and consider adding to it. Use visitor comments and any recent changes or additions to the topic in order to create addendums. If a considerable amount has changed then you could update the page by creating an additional page and linking to it from the foot of the old page.

Add New Pages

The obvious way to create fresh content is to add new web pages to your existing website. As well as services and product pages you can add supporting pages such as buyer’s guides or tips and information on how best to take advantage of what you have to offer. If you are embarking on a local SEO campaign then you can location targeted content pages too and this will help you to increase your website content as well as create beneficial local pages.


A blog is a great way to regularly add new content and it integrates well into your existing website. Visitors love to see a blog and the longtail benefits of adding two or three posts a week can prove highly advantageous.

Get various members of your business involved in the blogging process by asking them to submit content regularly. As well as text, add images, video, and other forms of content.

User Generated Content

By benefiting from user generated content you can enjoy all of the benefits of fresh and unique content without a lot of the work. Open up your blog to high quality guest submissions, ensure that comments are open and indexed. You could offer users the chance to rate and review products too.


Comment on industry, company, and even local news. This will provide you with a source of online marketing content to publish on your site and it will allow you to publish targeted and relevant information to help improve rankings and offer your website visitors a fresh and unique take on a topic.

Contact us today to see how we can help ensure that your website content is fresh and up to date. Our professional content marketing service can help provide you with improved rankings and better conversion and sales rates.

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