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SEO: Getting Optimized Results with Search Engines

Now what rules the search results is quality and not quantity as it used to. Whereas before it was complicated now Google, for example, has refined its algorithms that there is a way to make SEO an orderly business.

Costs are now defined as to what goes to SEO and what goes for Content. Ongoing SEO costs should be no more than your copywriting costs.

Content is still the king. Combine this with a good SEO approach to guarantee better results.

And what makes a website search engine friendly?

Under Development and Design:


  • Clear navigation
  • Well categorised hierarchy of content
  • Ease of meta data settings
  • Indexable
  • Minimal non-essential scripts
  • Media (images, video, animation, etc.) supplemented with crawlable text descriptions
  • Give enough data to the search engines such as which is the main version of the link (canonical), who the author is, address, review data and so on as appropriate on each page (microformats)
  • Use absolute links within your site not relative ones

Under On-page Keyword Optimisation:


  • Keyword in page title
  • Keyword near the top of the page in the text
  • Keyword (including alternate variations) a few times in the text
  • Keyword in tags, descriptions and file name of images and video
  • Keyword in the URL (link) itself
  • Keyword in page description
  • Keyword not linking away from the page in any way within the text

These steps will give you a lift on your SEO efforts. Relevant content and design is the way to go. As you develop recent content on page SEO should be done alongside it. Optimise blogs, new pages and articles as you move along. On a regular basis, no more than 15 minutes should be spent optimising a page given good keyword research. Spending more than £5 per new page built for on-page SEO is not agreeable.

Make your SEO writer work. Require at least something new daily, even updates. That way you will know how many manhours are required to deliver the needed writing. This will give you an idea for on page SEO costs.

Off Page SEO:

Its importance is in linking sites across the web with your homepage and important pages. Get the upper hand using competitive search phrases. As this goes on, however, firms generally do not spend more than an hour per client per day. Spending more than £350 per month on this is not advisable even within a highly competitive industry.

It is equally critical to tie this up with your Social Media initiatives as it criss crosses with all the links made available with social media marketing.

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