Love it or hate it, neglect social media at your business’s peril…

smFollowed, liked or connected to, your business needs to make the most of social media if you want more clients.

Social media is currently the fastest-growing aspect of the internet. You can’t afford not to get on board and use that expansion to help expand your business.

Just to give you some idea, Facebook has over 30 million unique users in the UK – that’s approaching 50% of the population. Twitter has more than doubled its user base from 12 million to 26 million. LinkedIn now reaches 10% of the UK population. Google+, the new kid on the block, has earned 1 million users in its first year.
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These are statistics you can’t ignore. Particularly when you take into account that of Facebook’s 30 million users, 95% are adults. And even more so when 42% of users put themselves in the £30k-£49,999 income bracket; and 22% put themselves in the £50k+ bracket. Meaning that even if you are in the luxury/high-value product market, almost two-thirds will be qualified.

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