The perfect digital marketing strategy incorporates a number of techniques for diverse, long term benefits

The perfect digital marketing strategy is one that includes a variety of marketing techniques. From search optimisation to content marketing and display advertising, as well as offline or traditional marketing techniques, you can employ a selection of methods to help ensure diversity as well as quality.

New opportunities arise regularly. For example, whereas social media marketing was once an ineffective pipe dream it is now considered a vital addition to the marketing plans of a lot of websites. Similarly, mobile app development and mobile marketing can help develop your online business in the most appropriate and profitable direction.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is perhaps the best known of all online marketing methods and the most widely used. It can be implemented by site owners or by specialist marketers and it is used to drive targeted visitors to the pages of your website.

An SEO campaign will take a long time to come to fruition. Rather than hours or days like it can take with PPC, you should expect to wait several weeks or months before your web pages appear high up the search rankings. With that said, it can attract very high returns on investment thanks to high conversion rates and low costs.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing enables you to have a brief ad displayed on various pages including the Sponsored Ads section of Google results and partner websites. It will usually require micro managing to ensure the best results and to avoid big potential losses.

PPC advertising provides instant results. As soon as you have set up your campaign and let it run you could be enjoying visitors to your web pages. PPC will usually cost more per visitor than SEO but it is a lot easier to track exactly how much each visitor does cost.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is still a developing marketing technique that has not yet fully evolved. It is proving popular because of the rising popularity of social networks and social media websites. It can be difficult to predict results and will almost certainly require a lot of trial and error to get the very best results possible.

Social media marketing provides access to a completely different group of website visitors and potential clients. While certain demographics are more inclined to use search results pages, there is a massive group that will be more inclined to use social networks and especially on their mobile phones.

Mobile Marketing ImageMobile Apps

Mobile usage is another area of business that is continuing to evolve over time and many more people now access the Internet from smartphones and mobile phones than ever before. This has coincided with a further increase is social media website usage because many users enjoy accessing sites like Facebook from their mobile device.

Having a mobile app created can prove very profitable in itself. The app can be sold commercially and while an individual licence may only fetch a couple of pounds, they may be sold in large quantity to give you considerably profit levels. An app can also be branded and can target visitors at the pages of your business website.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing may be primarily considered a part of your SEO or other online marketing campaign but, in reality, the viability and profitability of good quality content means that it can be considered a form of marketing in its own right.

Create high quality content for your own site as well as posts, articles, and other publications for syndication and publishing on other high quality sites. You can develop direct sources of traffic for your most important pages using this technique which has helped make it highly desirable to marketers and site owners.

The Perfect Digital Marketing Mix

A digital marketing mix should include a diverse range of marketing techniques. This means that if something should happen to one traffic source you will have others to pick up the slack. For example, if Google releases another update and your rankings tank as a result then you will still be able to rely on your PPC, SMM, and other traffic sources to bring visitors to your website.

Every campaign should be treated differently so that you can ensure that they each bring in a profitable form of traffic for your site. Consider assigning different campaigns to different professionals within your organisation otherwise outsource some of the work to ensure the best possible results. The perfect digital marketing strategy will include numerous marketing techniques to give you the best results.

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