Use these Twitter B2B strategies to help attract potential customers and clients for your business.

Twitter strategies for B2B companies require a professional approach that is befitting of the business to business relationship. With the backing of your organisation it is possible to utilise numerous team members to have several corporate accounts. Beyond this you should ensure that you are offering the best quality Tweets on the best topics and offering the most unique content available.

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Twitter is, officially, a micro-blogging platform that allows the posting of very brief status updates. It has been extended to allow the uploading of pictures and, more recently, six second video clips and this means that it is now one of the biggest and most versatile social media sharing networks on the Internet. There are more than half a billion members and around half of these are active on a monthly basis and this means that there is massive potential to drive new business.

Utilise Your Team

While you might publish a new blog once or twice a week and update your Facebook every couple of days, Twitter’s short form posts enable and necessitate more frequent publishing. Fortunately, you can utilise various members of your team to help create and share unique and high quality content with the rest of the Twitter members. This means unique perspectives and it offers plenty of top quality content for anybody that happens to be following your account.

Time Your Tweets

A Tweet can easily get lost in the timeline so it is important that you time publication so that it gets the greatest exposure. Consider your target market and, if necessary, use software that enables you to time future tweets. Post during business hours, avoid lunch times, and try to find the busiest peak times.

Offer Value

Whatever you post do make sure that it is top quality. The best quality Tweets are more likely to be shared or retweeted and this is where you can find genuine value in a B2B Twitter campaign. People are much more likely to read something that has been retweeted than they are to read a clean Tweet.

Find And Follow

You need to develop a powerful network so that you have numerous readers and people to share your Tweets. Find those that you would like to have following you and then follow them. Send a direct message and make it personal to further encourage conversation and to hopefully ensure that they follow you back.

Be Unique

Don’t simply post the same rehashed message as everybody else. Try to be unique – while you may not be able to come up with a topic that has never been covered at all you can add your own unique spin and perspective to the Tweet to ensure that it has greater appeal to people.


Hashtags and hashtag marketing deserve and warrant an article all on their own but, for the purpose of this article, know that hashtags can be very powerful. Benefit from hashtag streams and trending topics by adding appropriate tags to your posts. Some websites may publish all Tweets with a particular hashtag too.

Share Tweets And Content From Others

Don’t fall into the trap of posting your own content time and time again. Share content belonging to others, join in conversations with insightful responses, and retweet those messages that you find to be genuinely useful and that might prove beneficial to your own audience. This will increase the likelihood of attracting new followers while also helping you to appear authoritative.

Download And Use The Right Tools

Twitter can be used perfectly well on its own and many businesses do exactly this. However, there is a plethora of tools and applications that can be used to enhance your experience while using the social networking site so take advantage of these. You can time Tweets, find relevant hashtags, and locate likeminded users. You can track user statistics and determine the best time to post your next Tweet with one or two high quality tools.

Keep At It

Twitter success will not come overnight unless you are already a celebrity. When it comes to B2B Twitter strategies you should consider persistence to be one of the most important and one of the most effective strategies that you can adopt. If a single message doesn’t gain you a follower then send another. If a single Tweet or even a series of them doesn’t provide the returns you require then change your tactics and try again.

These Twitter strategies for B2B can prove highly effective and, by utilising your team, and following the tips above you should be able to enjoy a reactive and targeted group of followers on the social networking site.

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