Follow these B2C Twitter strategies to enjoy great results from your social media marketing campaign.

Many of the techniques that are used to improve Twitter strategies for B2C marketing results are similar to those that are utilised in B2B marketing efforts. However, there are also those that require greater attention and you will definitely have to get a little more personal in your approach.

B2C marketing requires that you adopt a friendly and even conversational tone and, as with any form of marketing you should ensure the most appropriate timing. Get involved and share all forms of content to enjoy the best possible results too. Download mobile apps and use tools to help improve your reach and your B2C Twitter marketing efforts.

Twitter B2C ImageVoice

The voice that you use when sending B2C Tweets should be friendly and conversational. Depending on your target market you can even consider jokey and fun to be viable marketing tools. 140 characters isn’t a lot of space but it is more than enough to ensure that you can get your message across and share your voice and character with your readers. Do use a similar voice in all of your Tweets because even consumers appreciate some uniformity.


Consider the timing of your Tweets to ensure that viewers will be able to access them virtually straight away. It is tempting to Tweet during the working day because this is when your business operates but remember that many consumers will not be able to view or pay attention to Tweets that they receive during the working day. This may mean that you enjoy greater benefit by posting in the evening or at weekends.

Follow To Be Followed

Follow accounts of the followers you want. If you are attempting to attract high end watch lovers, for example, then follow brands like Rolex and Cartier. Keep an eye on their Tweets and, if possible, get involved in any conversation that they may start, share their Tweets by retweeting, and encourage them to do the same in return.


Twitter was once limited purely to text of 140 characters but this is no longer the case. While this remains the primary format for Tweets you can now share other forms of media such as pictures and photos. This can be a great example to share the alleged equivalent of 1,000 words without having to create a super-series of Tweets.


You can also post video and Vine is one of the latest Twitter innovations. It allows you to post six second video clips and while you can use clips of anything you like, stop motion video has become the most popular choice for many users. They are easy to create and viewers certainly seem to be lapping up the content as soon as it is published. You too could benefit in the same way.


The evolution of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs means that many people now access the likes of Twitter on the go. You too can install mobile apps, and encourage others within your business to do the same, and then you can post Tweets as soon as you see something relevant. You can even get involved in discussions on the latest TV shows or post pictures of items that you see as you go about your daily business.

Twitter Tools

Mobile apps are only one form of Twitter tool available for users to benefit from. There are tools that allow you to schedule Tweets and those that make tracking performance a lot easier. In fact, there are tools available for virtually every possible requirement. If you are looking to extend the usefulness of Twitter and improve your B2C Twitter marketing results then look for the most appropriate tools you can use.


Hashtags are the Twitter equivalent of keywords and they are used all over the Internet as well as in offline situations. Attend some events and you will see a Twitter wall or hashtag stream. Use these streams and encourage others within your organisation to do the same. You may find some really useful content and information while also sharing high quality information with your potential customers.

B2C Twitter Strategies

B2C Twitter strategies can provide you with a means of getting your marketing message in front of your potential customers. You know that recipients appreciate the format and, as long as you don’t overdo the number of Tweets you send, as long as they are relevant you should benefit whenever you send one of the short form messages to your consumer list. Follow these Twitter strategies for B2C marketing and you can enjoy improved traffic, conversions, and engagement.

For help developing and implementing high quality B2C Twitter strategies contact us today and request a quote. We can assist you in your marketing efforts from conception to fruition.