Identify your customers’ paint points to break down sales barriers and increase conversion rates.

Every one of your customers is going to experience some pain that is related to your business and through effective pain point marketing you can identify and help remedy these pain points. Asking the right questions and taking notice of the answers provided can help identify these pain points while responding to them means that you can market your business and enjoy greater business success.

Identify Pain Points

As a marketer it is your job to identify the pain points and then not only provide a solution but to concentrate on both the pain and the painkiller. A client going through divorce may experience a pain point because they envisage losing their house or money. By first identifying that this is your clients’ concern you can then highlight how you, as an experience family solicitor, are able to remedy that pain.

Determine Why Pain Points Arise

Pain point marketing improves conversion rates imagePain points can arise in your customers for many reasons. Even if you sell only a single product or service it is unlikely that all of your customers will have the same pain points. Ask questions throughout the process and continue to ask questions. This can be done during consultation, during an initial meeting, or even while making a sale. In fact, it should be done at every one of these stages.

Ecommerce Pain Points

Even if you run an online commerce website you can identify customer pain points. Use market research and customer service, ask your existing customers pertinent questions regarding the product they purchased, the service they enjoyed, and the reason that they chose your business. Put the information provided to good use with future sales. Highlight the pain that your customers are feeling and then show why your products and your business are the solution to that pain.

Ecommerce pain points can include pain that is specific to the ecommerce site. For example, a potential client may fear a lengthy checkout process or a lengthy delivery. They may be concerned that they will not receive the exact order that they place. You can use your site to identify these pain points and then highlight how you overcome them for your customers.


By asking these questions you are able to empathise with your client. You can highlight your credibility by identifying the pain that your customers are feeling. The more you ask the questions and the more often you empathise with the answers the more credibility you will gain in the eyes of your potential clients.

Become An Expert

Identifying pain points means that your clients will begin to identify you as being an expert. By continuing to reassure them you can continue to build this perception so that you will continue to enjoy converting leads into loyal clients.

Increase Conversions

Pain point marketing can improve your conversion rates because you highlight barriers to conversion and then help erode those barriers. For example, if your clients’ pain point is that they are worried about using a hedge fund or investment fund because they do not believe they will get the desired return, you can show them credible evidence that they will receive the type of return that they are looking for. By breaking down this pain point you will give your leads greater reason to get involved with your fund and to invest money with you.

Best Case Vs Worst Case Scenarios

Identify the worst case scenario by determining what exactly will happen if they continue without your service. For the family lawyer this may mean highlighting the potential money that could be lost. By comparing this to the best case scenario which is afforded by using your service then your clients will be more inclined to pay for your services and rely on your business as well.

Reducing Sale Costs

You can streamline your communication and sales process using pain point marketing too. Use the answers you have been given regarding the pain points belonging to your clients. Create high quality content, FAQs, informational posts, and other content that identifies pain points and the ways in which you combat those points. Publish these on your website and potential clients will have their mind put at ease as soon as they arrive on your site.

Pain Points Marketing For Your Business

Using pain point marketing and doing so effectively means that you can increase your conversion rates. You can increase the size of your typical sale value and you can do so quicker and easier than you would have done prior to identifying pain points in your clients and customers. You can pay less per sale and make more which means that your profit levels are only set to increase by implementing this technique effectively on your site.

Get in touch and one of the team will discuss how we can help identify barriers to conversions and implement a pain point marketing strategy to help increase conversions.