Intelligent website design can ensure that you enjoy optimal conversion rates for your site

There are many factors that will determine the conversion rate success of an online business. Intelligent website design can guide the visitor to a powerful Call To Action, persuade them to make the right purchase, and to spend more. Poor design, in contrast not only puts users off but may actually prevent them from making a purchase.

Website Navigation ImageMake Your CTA Stand Out

Your Call To Action is what drives visitors to make a purchase or send an enquiry and, as such, it is vital to a good conversion rate. Make sure your CTA really stands out on the page; make sure your links are distinct and consider using buttons in place of a link. Don’t overdo it – ugly may stand out but it will also put some of your visitors off completely.

Simple Navigation

Not every visitor to your site will be at the same stage in the purchasing funnel and you will need them to progress from one stage to the next. Simple navigation, as well as powerful Calls To Action will assist in this. Some visitors will want to look around your site to determine your qualities and the benefits of using your service and complicated or masked navigation will put up a barrier to them doing this.

Add Forms And Subscriptions

Not all conversions are sales and you should determine the different forms of conversion you have so that you can measure and improve on each. Add forms to capture email address and enable your visitors to easily subscribe to your blog, newsletter, or other content. Consider adding a form in the sidebar and be loud and proud with your subscription buttons.

Using An F Grid

The eyes are naturally drawn to certain areas on a web page and by using sidebar navigation, titles, and headers you can create a page that is quick and easy to skim through. Make sure your content is well written and designed to attract conversions and aim for an F shape with your most important information.

Page Load And Accessibility

A major consideration in intelligent website design is that of accessibility. When somebody clicks to visit your website they should be presented with everything on your page quickly and easily. Make sure page load times are as fast as possible and that people are able to access your site whether they use a desktop, laptop, mobile, or other device and whether they use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Every element on the page should load and they should do so quickly.

Responsive Web Design

Many people now access the Internet using mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. In order to cater for these people you should consider creating a mobile dedicated website or responsive web design. A responsive design will change dimension and design according to the device that is being used to access your site and it can prove an inexpensive but highly effective means of catering to mobile users.

Display Promotions

Use display ads for your own products and promotions that link to related product pages. Display ads are bold and easy to spot; they catch the attention of the visitor. By adding them in suitable positions you can pick up on a lot of conversions that you may have otherwise lost and you can direct visitors to your most profitable items.

Images And Video

Text can be used to generate sales and make conversions but it is not necessarily that eye-catching. Use product images and video; these can greatly increase conversion rates when used well and intelligent website design will incorporate galleries and video streaming players so that you can quickly and easily add your own multimedia content to your product pages and other important pages on your site.


Track as much data as possible. If you use forms then make sure you know which pages are generating form completions. If you sell the same products on multiple pages then make sure you know which pages have led to conversions. Track user data using analytics and other platforms so that you can use this information in testing and optimisation.


Multivariate testing methods, such as A/B testing, can prove highly beneficially. A/B testing is the simplest form and it essentially means that you test two methods to determine which is best. A simple example would be to create two Buy Now buttons using different colours. Show a certain number of people the first button and then display the second button to the same number of people. This will help determine which is the best converter for your page. Testing is an imperative part of ensuring that you are benefiting from intelligent website design methods.

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