For Your Eyes Only: Video does it

Would you rather read all those text online or watch a video clip. Same message, different medium, who’s got the greater impact?
Let’s take the YouTube phenomenon as the answer. People like to watch. More than they want to spend reading.

People learn initially through images, what they see they seek to understand even long before they learn to put it in words.
That is why a set of moving pictures, or videos, is considered the fastest way to learn. People just want to stare at moving images than try to digest volumes of words in one go. Simpler way, easier.

Consider it part of living in a high speed society that people don’t have that much time anymore. Capture their imagination, capture their minds.
Convey your message, clearly and to the point using visuals – use videos.
Mere presence of a video in your website is enough to stop visitors in their tracks. They will definitely considering playing it. So when they click they are interested.

Build on that, make the video content relevant, interesting and worthwhile.
Maximise that captivity in interest, lead them further on what you provide, your products and services. Lead them to action.

Every step of the way, Cocoa Promotions can guide you from inception to creation: cameras qualified and approved by no less than BBC, Studios and video production software that is no less cutting edge, using techniques like digital grading, 3D and illustrated animation.

The result is a compelling copy and striking visual combined. Imagination in action.
And the price? Your money’s worth.

To find out how audio-visual presentations can boost your client base, your sales and your revenue as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, contact us today: