Designing and Developing a Website. Where are we at again?

dd1Did we say that content now trumps design. Yes, over the years websites have gone through maturity. Billions are now online and users have gone from basic to sophisticated in terms of what to search, what to read and what to act on depending on what they see online.

Users are no longer confined in looking at the web through desktop, now they have to use their smartphones, tablets, laptops and just about any portable gadgets that get hooked on internet. And herein lies the rub, websites need to be responsive so that users stay on connected.

Practical, legible and aesthetic. They perfectly describe what should be seen on your website. All the simpler, the better.
Designs and development are clean, attentive to ease of navigation and great content. Accessibility to the rest of the pages and links, side bars, menu, contact details and clear and audible calls to action are necessarily requisites.


Design should likewise feature ease of reading: dark against light, alignment of paragraphs, and easy to the eye layout of pages. One does not need to be lost as it becomes intuitive for the readers what to expect, where to go to next, which information to find where.

Of course, ambience should be present. It is the brand identity, it is felt.

A clean and clear design lead to generation of more enquiries, improved sales and increased clients:

Credibility signals such as social media connections, awards, accreditations and partnerships stand out on the page much more clearly
Search engines have an easier time indexing your site
More visitors will stay longer reading your content, reducing bounce rate, increasing organic search rankings and improving paid advertising quality scores (lowering cost per click)

Graphics clear in communicating your content’s concepts make visitors stay
Being a thought leader creates content with authority
Developing interactive content becomes a tool for your visitors to recognize the edge in your value (either as apps or on-site services)
Cocoa Promotions designs and develops using these fool proof principles in mind. We invest well not only in being seen well, we likewise want to put action in our words.

Our digital marketing is designed to bring visitors to your site and make a decision. We want them to take the action too.

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